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Our Team

Della Sliker

Owner & Trainer

Jazzmine and I had the opportunity to be a member of the USA Team for European Open Agility Championship for 3 different years; traveling to Sweden, Germany and The Netherlands.

Jazzmine also has earned her Master Agility Championship (MACH) in AKC.
Jessie won the Jumpers agility at Sheltie Nationals (2007).

We also recently competed at Sheltie Nationals 2017. Jazzmine took first in her Jumpers, Mishka took 4th in Jumpers and Standard, and Lacey took 3rd in Jumpers.

Rachael Kiefer


I Started Agility training with Agility Dream Dogs when I was competing in 4-H in 2011. 

Jim became my coach when I got my first Sheltie, Gemma.

Gemma and I have competed at the NY State Fair, CPE Nationals, and Sheltie Nationals in the past 6 years. 

Gemma won Grand Champion two years in a row at the State Fair, and has gotten her Masters title.

We are currently working towards our MACH!


About Us

My Husband (Jim) and I have been involved in agility for some years now. We first became involved with agility in 2003. We first got into Agility with our Shetland Sheepdog; Echo. It was just to build her confidence, and that it did! She loved the sport and was quite the crowd pleaser, with her speed and ever happy face!


Since my introduction to Agility with Echo, my love for the sport grew; and I have thus far trained and titled 5 Shelties. I have taught and trained many students over the years; from places like Alaska to New York State. With every student we train, we strive to give them the best instruction, and support them with their personal goals; whether they be to qualify for a national competition, or to simply have a successful run.

At Agility Dream Dogs, our goal is to ensure that everyone that trains with us is satisfied with the progress they make, and gets to enjoy the experience of learning Agility with their dog!


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